Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast : Chris vs Jaden Smith

Welcome to another episode of the Inglorious Bastnerds podcast. This week Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Raghav (@raghavmodi) have a chat about the Captain America : The Winter Solider trailer. We also discuss why The Internship isn’t as bad as everyone thinks, how bad After Earth is and how much of a fan Chris is of Jaden Smith, why Machete and Machete Kills is shit and much, much, much more.

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The Action Junkies : Showdown in Little Tokyo

The new episode of The Action Junkies podcast Jade (@CelluloidAK) Lindley and Chris (@CinemaTronix) Byrne are all about the glorious and fun 80’s/90’s mishmash that is Showdown in Little Tokyo. Starring our favorite swede Dolph Lundgren and Brandon (son of Bruce) Lee as to cops out to take down a Yakuza drug kingpin.

With a ton of action scenes, some homoeroticism, a bad sex scene and very little plot, Showdown in Little Tokyo is a lean 80 minutes of fun so give it a watch and then listen in to this episode.

Next week we’ll be getting out John Woo on with Hard Boiled…. stay tuned..


The Action Junkies : Bloodsport

Jade (@CelluloidAK) is floating on cloud 9 for this one as Chris (@CinemaTronix) makes his second viewing of one of her favorite films.

Bloodsport is the film that made Jean-Claude Van Damme a star. Based on a true story, the muscles from Brussels plays Frank Dux an American martial artist who runs away from the army to enter a underground martial arts tournament In Hong Kong called The Kumite, where he must take part and uphold his master’s honor.

Join us as talk about how evil Bolo Yeung is, we go on tangents about Kickboxer, laugh at the voice work of young Van Damme and much more.

Stay tuned for next week we’ll be back with Showdown in Little Tokyo



Beverly Hills Cop : The Action Junkies

This week in The Action Junkies, Jade (@CelluloidAK) and Chris (@CinemaTronix)talk about the series that made Eddie Murphy’s career. It one of the definitive 80’s films Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2 and 3.  Murphy plays Detroit cop Axel Foley who comes to Beverly Hills to interrogate the death of an old friend. If you’ve not seen any of them (seriously… what have you been doing) Listen as Jade and Chris recount what we love about the films, exchange quotes, how number 2 is a great sequel, how number 3 isn’t that bad at all and going off tangents as Chris sings all the hits from the soundtrack (you’ve been warned)

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or Sir it Up?

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IB Podcast Ep 2 : Now You See Me, Wish I didn’t

Welcome to another episode of The Inglorious Bastnerds podcast. The film podcast where Chris chats with his crack team of film enthusiasts about all things film…. and maybe some TV and comics.

Joining him is Raghav Modi and Ian  Nestbit as we delve into Breaking Bad, Marvel Agent’s of S.H.E.I.L.D, 24, James Bond, Jack Ryan, Now You See Me and weather or not it’s wrong to like Welcome to the Punch…. (it’s not).

Sit back and enjoy to our soothing sounds of chat..


The Action Junkies Podcast : Cobra

We kick things off in appropriate fashion with Sylvester Stallone‘s answer to Commando. A power house 80’s action fest that’s not afraid to embrace all the tropes of the action movie. Loosely based on the novel Fair Game by Paula Gosling, it’s directed by George P. Cosmatos  in 1986 it stars Sly as a  maverick cop Marion “Cobra” Cobretti who signs on the case of The Night Slasher (Brian Thompson) who’s out to tie up a loose end after being spotted in the act by a model (a very feminine Brigitte Nielsen).

Join @CelluloidAK and @CinemaTronix as we talk about the movie and take a cultured look and dissect this scene

Sit back , lsten and enjoy.

Next week we will get our synthesizer keyboards and putting bananas in tail pipes for all 3 Beverly Hills Cop films..


Inglourious Bastnerds Podcast

After a extended break away we’re back and better than ever. Ready to give you film chat to listen to when and where ever you want. Join @CinemaTronix @Celluloidical and @raghavmodi as we shoot the shit about films and TV. There are too many topics to name in the over 2 hour podcast but needless to say, it’s mostly killer, no filler and all rambling enjoyment.

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