Review of 2013 : Inglourious Bastnerds

Hello and welcome to the final podcast…….. of 2013. This last installment of the year features the luscious vocal talents of Chris (@CinemaTronix) Scott (@Celluloidical) and Raghav (@raghavmodi) as we talk about what’s been good, what’s been great and what’s been meh.

This time we sent a tweet out asking the best and worst of the year and though we got back some excellent answers it seemed to take a life of it’s own. Regardless we loved all your responses and had a great old natter about the our thoughts and opinions. Some of which was for films we hadn’t even heard off, that made us feel very bad indeed.

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Happy New Year and see you guys next time..


Star Wars : A New Hope Commentary track

Hello and welcome to another commentary track from Chris @CinemaTronix and Scott @Celluloidical and now we’re finally on the good ones. This one’s so good that at times between still bitching about the prequels….. we just sit and watch it… forgetting to chat over it. Also there was a Skype connection issue towards the end so apologies for the silence at that moment.

Even so here it is and we decided on the special edition because most people will likely have it and it gives us something to moan about. So sit back pause on “A long long time ago….. In a galaxy far far away…..” and watch it with us….. go on…. its fun.




Raghave Agrees with Chris : Inglourious Bastnerds Podcast

In this episode Raghav (@raghavmodi) does the impossible and actually agrees with Chris (@CinemaTronix) after watching Machete Kills we are in full agreement that it does indeed suck balls.

We do talk about other stuff as well. Such as Kings of Summer and Anchorman 2, OldBoy The Hobbit while also discussing the trailer for 22 Jump Street, the future X-Men sequel, what will the new Terminator film be like and we also have a little moan about Adam Sandler.

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The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty is the new film directed by Ben Stiller, who usually when stepping behind the camera as well as staring normal does all out comedy like Zoolander or Tropic Thunder. Walter Mitty is a more of an ambitious film that at its heart has a more of an independent spirit about it. Ben Stiller stars as the title character, someone who has never been on an adventure in his life but has consistent day dreams of epic fancies of wooing Kristen Wigg and taking revenge on his condescending new boss (Adam Scott) as a way escape his mundane life as an employee for Time  magazine.

When he receives at set photo negatives from photographer Sean O’Connell (Sean Penn) with the most important one missing. Walter sets off on his own adventure to find Sean and find the missing negative that needs to be used for the over of the last issue. Stepping up to the task, Walter decides to go on an adventure for the first time in his life, taking him to Greenland  while finding himself in scenarios that echo his day dreams as he finally breaks from routine and discovers himself.

Hitting you hard with a euphoric soundtrack from bands like Arcade Fire and Of Monsters and Men, this goes for big and quirky all at the same time. Going into this I was concerned that a neat concept that this may come off as a tad self-indulgent. After all with a star like Ben Stiller directing himself in a role that he does seem to little too old for. However that isn’t the case as Stiller stepped into the vacant directors chair after already singed on for the lead role, it is clear that he has a passion for the project and wanted to see it made and does a great job that has a lot of charm.

Overall the performances are good and decent, Wigg is great as the love interest that spears him on his quest for the missing negative,  Shirley MacLaine adds solid support as his mother while Adam Scott’s beard alone makes his character a douche bag from the moment to see him and Sean Penn is game for what is essentially an extended cameo. The film does fall down towards the end as it tries tie all the loose ends to a satisfying conclusion, but it does get there in what could come off as anticlimactic with the reveal of what could possibly be on the highly important picture negative. It does feel too quirky for its own good but made with the best intentions and with enough charm to carry it through,  Walter Mitty was a very pleasant surprise


The Action Junkies : Bullet to the Head

So it’s another episode of the Action Junkies Podcast. The podcast where Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Jade (@CelluloidAK) talk about the recent Walter Hill action film starring Jade’s number one crush of all time Sylvester Stallone.

Sly stars as a hitman who is trying to get rubbed off by some shady people after doing a job for them. In order to stay alive he must team up with a cop (Sung Kang) who’s is out to find the people responsible for killing his ex-partner.

This is a good as we really differ on this film, (no prizes for guessing where Jade stands on this) so sit back and enjoy.

Next week will be the new Van Damme film Enemies Closer, also look out for Escape Plan and Supercop coming soon.

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Star Wars Revenge of the Sith : Commentary Track


So we have reached the half way point in this 6 film saga. Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Scott (@Celluloidical) take the the big one in the prequel trilogy, the one where Anakin turns to the dark side (Spoiler Alert) This film as the best and the worst elements of the prequelas, and also this….

So if you fancy watching a trilogy with so much potential go down the drain, why not listen to us while you do it, or just listen to two idiots laugh, cry and do random impressions as they explain why these film really do suck.

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Thanks for listening and sorry for watching.




Star Wars Attack of the Clones : Commentary

Hey is another commentary track with Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Scott (@Celluloidical) and next in our Star Wars marathon we sit through Attack of the Clones. This time we moan and complain of about a film where all the main characters do is moan and complain. Witness the next stage of how not to follow up a  saga.

Sit back and enjoy to our dulcet tones doing emperor Palpatine impressions while George destroys everyone’s childhood dreams.

Next up is the piste de resistance with Renege of the Sith. Things can only get better from then on in.

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King of the Kickboxers : The Action Junkies

Hey its another episode of the Action Junkies and in this episode Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Jade (@CelluloidAK) delive into streught to video hell and revil in the naffness of King of the Kickboxers.

Starring Loren Avedon as a rouge cop who goes undercover in Thailand to take down a snuff movie ring and to take vengeance on  Khan (Billy Blanks) the man who killed his brother years ago. This is the perfect example of a film that is so bad its good. The who film is on YouTube and is definitely worth your time.

Next time Jade and Chris will go head to head as we talk about Bullet to the Head. One likes it….. the other not so much. Can you you guess which ones which?

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Inglourious Bastnerds : Spiderman and Wonder Woman

This weeks episode come straight of the remakes episode and with three new news stories that can not be ignored. The first is the tragic news of the death of Paul Walker. On more of a lighter note we go on to talk the surprise casting of Gal Gallot as Wonder Woman and we give our reactions to the new Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer.

Plus we give reviews of some of the major release this week…. and there is alot. Also we talk about what else we’ve been watching.

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Inglourious Bastnerds : Re-makes and Re-boots

We’ve been gone for a short while but we’re back and for another episode and this time it’s all about remakes. Joining me (@CinemaTronix) is my regular cohort Raghav (@raghavmodi) and new girl on the block making her podcast debut Kyla Jardine (@KylaJN). We kick things off with a review of Carrie with Chloë Grace Moretz, and then move on to have a full on talk about remakes, reboots, reimaginings..whatever they like to be called. We ask what makes a good remake? Is it ever a good idea to remake a film. What are the good franchise reboots and what are the worst?

Please listen and enjoy to a 2 hour chat as we express our annoyance at bland ones and share our love for the great ones.

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