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Yes its my second time as host of #MTOS and on Sunday the 25th of May, I am covering the topic of Tv and film. More precisely its when film and television crossover and adapt each other as well your favorites.

For those who don’t know, Movie Talk On Sunday will be all about Cinematic Experiences on May 11, 2014 starting at sharp 20:00 UK Time wherein after every 10 minute interval a new question will be thrown out at you, gently, to discuss, also gently.

Please do use the hashtag #MTOS when replying to the tweets with relation to the chat. Since many people follow the hashtag, trust me, it is a great way to meet and interact with fellow cinephiles on twitter. Also, do mention the question number you are referring to so everyone knows what you are talking about.
The questions are as follows


1 I know this MTOS but be honest, what do you prefer more, Films or TV shows?

2 With the current success of Fargo on the television screen, Is the idea of a TV adaption of a classic film sacrilege to your ears or are they a good idea?

3 With Game of Thrones aiming for a big screen finale, does TV have a place in the cinema?

4 Many of our favourite  childhood TV shows have been adapted into films, what has been the best one in your opinion?

5 24 is back after failed attempts for a film, do you think it will ever happen and will the change of formate work?

6 So tell me what’s worst cinematic take on a TV show?

7 Who is your favourite current TV star who should/will have a great film career

8 Out of the more recent TV shows, which can you see getting the Hollywood treatment in years to come

9 Does television have more of an impact on popular culture more than films today?

10 Finally what film or franchise would you make a TV show out of?

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Top 5 : Baz Supreme

Yes its another top five list from another wonderful guest. This week its Baz Supreme @Baz_Supreme

Baz is a huge film fan and we sat down and had a chat about his top five favorite films as well as some that didn’t make the grade, such as….

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Rag Teaches Chris : Being Cyrus

Raghav @raghavmodi is back to show Chris @CinemaTronix the joys og Indian cinema. This time round its the English spoken Indian film Being Cyrus. A film that is quite surprising in most ways.

While Raghav is here, we take the time to talk about the sad passing of Bob Hoskins and also discuss the three films we saw together in Birmingham, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, The Raid 2 and the latest Tom Hardy in a car film Locke.

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The Action Junkies : Judge Double Dredd

The Action Junkies are back and in this episode Jade Lindley and myself take on the two cinematic adaptations of the 2000 AD character Judge Dredd.

Starting with the 1995 Sylvester Stallone starring Judge Dredd followed by the 2012 Karl Urban starring Dredd.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoiler) and other stuff

Spoilers ahoy…. this episode we finally talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which has received very mixed opinions from everyone, even from my established guests.

They are my old faithful regular Scott @Celluloidical film journalist Amon Warmann @awarmann and future YouTube star Christopher Ejizu  @MovieUmpire

This podcast we discuss everything about this superhero sequel so if you haven’t seen it be warned because we will ruin it for you. We also talk spoilers for Transcendence which hasn’t received a warm reception from critics and Amon also gives his views on the$84,035,575 film that flopped in the states, Pompeii.

We also have more film banter about the new title change of the last Hobbit film and more Batman vs Superman.

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