Ep 4 : Terminator Genisys


Welcome to episode 4 of The Cinematronix podcast, in this episode I am joined by the guests from the Jurassic World episode Matt Daly and Robert Turnbull.

Together we discuss the new Terminator film or rather I try my best to defend Terminator Genisys and we have a good laugh along the way.

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Listen, enjoy and stay tuned for episode 5 Ant-Man


Ep 3: Raghav Modi



Welcome to episode 3 of The Cinematronix Podcast. In This episode I have a good old catch up with my former Bastnerds companion Raghav Modi as we talk about Bollywood, Jurassic World, expectations and anything else in-between.

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Episode 2 : Inside Out


Welcome to episode two of The Cinematronix Podcast. This episode I talk about the new Pixar film Inside Out. Directed by Pete Doctor and featuring the voices of Amy Poehler, Lewis Black, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader, Diane Lane and Kyle MacLachlan and is set in the head of a young girl called Riley as her emotions try and rescue her when she reaches a difficult time in her life.

Joining me is Florence Walker who was lucky enough to see it in Cannes Film Festival and we go in depth on what we thought.

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Ep 1 Jurassic World



Welcome to episode 1 of The Cinematronix podcast. In our first ever episode I’m joined by Matt Daly and Robert Turnbull as we talk about the box office smash and all its spoilers.

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Thanks for listening and enjoy



Ep 0: The Cinematronix Podcast – Intro


Hey, long time no see…. or is that hear…. anyway, I’m back on in podcast game and this is a brief intro before I kick off into the Jurassic World review.

Stay Tuned there is more to follow.

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