21 and Over


What do you get when combine Project X, The Hangover with a good dose of Weekend at Burnie’s? That is what 21 and Over seems like a reasonable answer. Written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore who wrote the first (and the good) Hangover film, it follows three old high school friends reuniting to celebrate when the youngest Jeff Chan turns 21. Cue lots booze, frat parties, blatant nudity and bodily fluids with a party soundtrack. All this fun leaves Chan passed out with our heroes without a clue about where he lives, with an interview organised by his strict and intimating father first thing in the morning, Casey and Miller find themselves in quite a predicament.

21 and Over has traces of Project X’s youngsters partying without a care for anyone else and of course having one of its leads, Miller, making dick-head decisions no matter what anyone says. However, whereas Costa from Project X was flat-out horrable in every sense, Miller at least likeable and has some character depth. Okay, so the word depth is a strong word to throw around a film like this but it’s what last years worst film sorely lacked. Also its way to much fun than a air-head 80’s teen comedy retread has the right to be. All the old clichés are here. One of heroes fall for a nice grounded college girl who is dating the popular psychopathic college jock, the sororities with its stupid and probably illegal rituals and a rampaging bull. Well…. maybe not the bull but this is still feels like an update of a teen sex comedy from twenty years ago.

There is no denying it, this is a dumb movie that rests only with how much you like its lead roles, and if you can chuckle the dialogue about fucking ones sister at the start you’re in for a treat. It was clearly a mistake not to hire Jon Lucas and Scott Moore to write the second hangover as they know how to make to make someone eating a tampon funny. Despite all the stereotypes that we’ve all seen before, this is an enjoyable experience. So this might not be one of this years best comedies, in fact I think I may have laughed more time in Iron Man 3 but even to laugh I did and more than that, I sat through it with a big goofy smile on my face. Not many comedies have done that recently.