A Good Day to Die Hard

Yippee ki yay mother-hubbards, John McClane is back in the 5th instalment of the the Die Hard franchise with the daftly titled Good Day to Die Hard. (What happend to just numbering your sequels). This time he travels all the way to Russia to team up with is reluctant  son Jack (Jai Courtney) who is on a secret mission for the CIA to evacuate a political prisoner who is in possession of incriminating evidence  ageist a high ranking Russian government official. I would try and go into more details about the convoluted plot but despite its attempts at twists and turns it falls flat on its face as it’s just an excuse to get to one big shoot out to the next as Willis sleep walks through the role. Witch is a bit odd as you would think that he would be a bit more enthusiastic in the role that made in the star that he his.

Die Hard 5 or Live to Die Hard Another Day or whatever you want to call it suffers from the lack of attachment. Who could fall asleep mid way through and while trying to figure out  whats happend only then to wonder weather you care or not. I feels very much like a video game, mowing down faceless bad guys as thing crash into other thing with everything exploding in the process, witch can be fun in it’s own right but is it true to Die Hard?

What made the first Die Hard so great was McClane’s vulnerability. Yes he jumped of buildings but there was sense of danger that had at least one foot in reality. Now it seems that he is super-human, being resilient to radiation ans can withstand two major car crashs that would kill anyone else and walking out unscaved. If that was in any of the first three films, yeah he would have survived but he would at least be seriously injured.  It is to be expected I suppose after seing him hanging of a fighter jet in the last one. Another reason that made Die Hard great as the villains.  Hans Gruber was the greatest bad guy in the greatest action movie. Here the villains have no real character or memorable lines, it’s a big no-no in an action film. You need a decent villain to boo and hiss to give the hero something to route for. Directer John Moore does his best as the action scenes create plenty of carnage but his held back for a 12a certificate. The lack of blood shad is not surprising nor does dampen the proceedings, however  it feels like he clearly wanted it to be more adult. To sum the film up you only need to look at Die Hard’s main catchphrase which is a curse word watered down and edited to plaster on adverts, and they don’t even have the balls to say it for real. That’s the problem, this film has no balls.