A Good Old Chat : The Inglorious Bastnerds

Nzega Its another episode of The Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast and with no sense of direction or topic, we have an old chinwag from everything like Star Wars additions, Star Trek, Wonder Woman, more comic book sequels (surprise surprise) Saw sequels, The Raid 2,  more Thor 2, Don Jon, Captain Phillips, Flight, Psycho 2, The Entity and a whole host more.

Newtownabbey Joining me Chris @CinemaTronix (with an x)

is Scott @Celluloidical celluloidical.wordpress.com

Amon @awarmann amonymousblog.com

Mr Ejizu @MovieUmpire movieumpire.com

and welcoming a fresh faced newcomer , Rose Breadon @spopreviews saltedpopcornreviews.tumblr.com