A review Round Up


The Five-Year Engagement

A charming if over long rom-com staring Jason Segel and the lovely Emily Blunt as a couple who can’t quite seem to made it down the aisle. With some nice surrport by Alison Brie doing a very convincing english accent, the film has too many characters that come and go and fail to be anything significant. However it is funny enough in places and the two leads carry it with charm. (3/5)







God Bless America

Bobcat Goldthwait directs a dark staire on the state of humanity. Staring Joel Murrey (Bill’s brother) as Frank, a divorced man with a child who doesn’t want to know him. Frank’s doctor tells him he has cancer and decides to end it all. Instead he she a episode of My Super Sweet 16 and decides to shoot the youngster instead. This is a very dark film as Frank goes on a rampage to kill anyboby who isn’t nice, accompanied by a 16 year old girl (Tara Lynne Barr) along for the ride. As dark as it maybe, it’s nothing we’ve not seen before, although not this brazen. It plays on the fantasies we may have on petty subjects such as talking in cinemas, taking up two parking spaces and loud mouth TV commentators. The main focus is a take on American Idle and how it exploits and ridicules the less gifted. It works as Goldthwait’s critique on what society has become. Some of it you will agree with but otherwise it’s relatively one note. A dark enjoyable rant, but not much else. (3/5)



Magic Mike


Steven Soderbergh second film this year, after the alternative action film Haywire. This time with male strippers, it takes low key approach and a look behind the stage to reveal their not so glamorous life. Starring Channing Tatum  (a former stripper himself) as the aforementioned Magic Mike, takes under his wing Adam AKA The Kid (Alex Pettyfer). The stripping sceans are full of dazzle and humour, while outside of that world is very naturalistic. Tatum turns in another decent performace as an ageing dancer wanting out of the game to create furniture. The story has been done serial times before, but it’s well crafted with decent cast (this isn’t a male showgirls). McMonaughey is great as Dallas the strip club owner who is long in the tooth and takes to expand the business to Miami. Overall Magic Mike is a enjoyable 110 minutes thats more character driven that it is about the abs. Still, i think i need to go to the GYM. (4/5)