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Hey I’m Chris,  an enthusiastic film geek. I mainly do podcasts and I host the 3 that feature on this site. The Cinematronix Podcast is a podcast where myself and various other guests I grabbed from the internet to chat our way through the current films… and occasionally some old ones as well. 

You can find it on iTunes and to add to your podcast sources  http://cinematronix.co.uk/category/do-you-expect-us-to-talk/feed/

I also take part in Do You Expect Us To Talk? A podcast all about the Bond movies with some fine folks Becca Andrews and Dave Bond (no relation) You can subscribe on iTunes and here’s the link to the feed to add to your podcast set up. feed://cinematronix.co.uk/category/do-you-expect-us-to-talk/feed/

Another is The Action Junkies () hosted by Jade Lindley ( ) and myself as we talk all things action… and probably Stallone.  

Check it out on iTunes and the link to add your devices cinematronix.co.uk/category/the-…




























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