One of the stars of Movie 43 (sorry but it happened) Richard Gere is back in a drama about a billionaire while having financial trouble, finds himself in a car crash killing the woman with whom he is having an affair, leaving him to abandon the burning car and cover his tracks. When it comes to high powered business men, Gere is the man of choice. He has the perfect mix of being cold and calculating and still have the ability to add on the charm when needed (as Pretty Woman proved). Directed by Nicholas Jarecki, Arbitrage feels very much like a character peace with a tone that matches Gere’s own coldness.

With sold support from the likes of Tim Roth as the detective keen to nail him to the scene of the crime, Susan Sarandon as his knowing wife and my favorite new up and comer Brit Marling as his daughter working in her dads business questioning the crack and holes as the lies mount up.

The film has very few surprises as it wears it’s heart on its sleeves featuring all the twist and turns as you expect , however Gere is as solid as the lead and  Roth is very enjoyable as the cop who is desperate to take down Gere’s high ranking hot-shot to prove the point that no one is above the law..