Avengers Assemble : Review

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Gáldar Marvel are the first studio to do this, to put together four different franchises that co exist in the same universe, only to unite the characters for what could possibly be the biggest movie of the summer, (That’s if The Dark Knight Rises doesn’t have anything to say about that) it is a big gamble.  Ever since Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury appeared at the post credits of Iron Man, comic book fans have been constantly teased of things to come. The idea is what most coincided as impossible one, with much of the Marvel universe owned by different studios (with X-Men and Fantastic Four owed by 20th century Fox and Spider-Man owned by Sony), nobody could imaged they would see old shell head joining forces with Captain America, Thor and The Hulk to fight the forces of evil.  To be more precise, Thor’s troublesome brother Loki (Hiddleston) who steals a cube of unlimited power, The Tesseract with witch to summon an alien army to enslave all of humankind. This is a different Loki to the one we’ve seen before.  A Loki that is more malevolent and that lives up to his moniker as the god of mischief. Hiddleston really lets rip in this role and is clearly having fun, so much so that he almost steals the film from The Avengers themselves.


Not that our crack team of superhero’s are to upstaged in there own movie.  It is impossible to see the role of Tony Stark be played by anyone other than Downey Jr. Both Chris Evans and Chris Hemsworth play the roles of Captain American and Thor perfectly, and then there’s Mark Ruffalo as Dr Bruce Banner.  Ruffalo’s mild mannered portrayal works really well in a role that has been passed around in the previous two films, that works really well at this stage of the story. Also let’s not forget Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow, Sam Jackson’s Fury, Greg Clarks’s Agent Coulson and Jermeny Renner’s ace archer Hawkeye, who’s story ark take an unusual but wisely dark turn early on. Everyone gets there moment to shine, weather it’s Starks quips, Black widows’ integrations, Sam L. Jackson being (well) Sam L. Jackson or old caps getting to grips the present day. The real joy is watching these characters interact with one anther.  Director and co writer Joss Whedon was a bold, but a smart choice, as he has a passion for the comic book subject matter and can create great stories with an assomble cast with a witty script. He has clearly made this with the fans in mind. The story feels like it fell straight from a graphic novel, but while not forgetting what made the other films a success. It has tons of acton from the opening scene to the 20 minute plus finally involving the destruction of half of New York City. Even though this seemed too familiar with the climax of the recent Transformers film, it was coherent, exciting and most of all, fun. Michel Bay, take notes.

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The Avengers, (sorry….) Avengers Assemble is this is a massive event movie that lives up to the hype.  It’s perfect popcorn entreatment with more laughs than most comedies seen in recent memory.

Chris Byrne