Before Midnight

Montecanal Before Midnight is the lovely ending to a lovely trilogy of films. Director Richard Linklater has made a series of films about a relationship that starts of as a chance meeting on a train and involves into a romance that spans 18 years. Here we find lovers Jesse and Celine (Ethan Hawk and Julie Deply) now married with twins and with Jesse’s son from his previous marriage. Finally settled together at long last, the couple re-analyse their relationship and start to focus on their potential future together which gives us a view of the two having a row. It’s a harder watch compared to the previous films, not due to the quality but because you are so emotionally invested with these characters that its unsettling to see the two of them fight. As a trademark of the series Linklater takes 10 to 15 minute shots of Hawk and Delpy walking around beautiful landscapes in Europe such asĀ  cities like Austria, Paris and now Greece. It’s always so wonderful relaxed to see Jesse and Celine talk as their company is more than enough to engross us, letting their charm carry three whole films, letting their roles develop  giving us great affection for them. So when there evenly have a row that threatens the relationship, we care as an audience and want to see these two souls make it after all this time.

I find it hard to review this film on its own as I see all three films as one big piece of work. They complement each other perfectly. It’s a testament to Hawk and Depy who are defined by these characters and show off just how fantastic they both are. The Before trilogy could very well be the genuine greatest trilogy of films to date. It’s a bold claim and one that could be argued but what can’t be argued with is how beautiful these films which now has the perfect ending. Although, I wouldn’t mind coming back again in another nine years time..