Beverly Hills Cop : The Action Junkies

Bogatynia This week in The Action Junkies, Jade (@ CelluloidAK) and Chris (@ ruinously CinemaTronix)talk about the series that made Eddie Murphy’s career. It one of the definitive 80’s films Beverly Hills Cop 1, 2 and 3.  Murphy plays Detroit cop Axel Foley who comes to Beverly Hills to interrogate the death of an old friend. If you’ve not seen any of them (seriously… what have you been doing) Listen as Jade and Chris recount what we love about the films, exchange quotes, how number 2 is a great sequel, how number 3 isn’t that bad at all and going off tangents as Chris sings all the hits from the soundtrack (you’ve been warned)

Tell us which is the better song


or Sir it Up?

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