Bullet to the Head

What makes Bullet to the Head such a disappointment is how lifeless and dull it is. Particularly as it’s directed by Walter Hill. The man who gave us great classics such as 48 Hours, The Warriors, Southern Comfort, Red Heat and Streets of Fire, sadly doesn’t deliver the goods in his first film in ten years. What we have left is a plot that makes no sense while Sly mumbles one liners as he shoots a series of bad guys in the head followed by Kang repeatedly saying lines such like “You can’t do that” or ” we should have taken him in.”

The whole film smells of a troubled production and several re-writes as it has no idea of what its central concept is. With the premise of the partnership of hit-man and police man but as it’s Stallone’s show, Sung Kang is given nothing to do making his role next to redundant and pointless.

Stallone phones in the sub standard Stallone performance meanwhile Jason Momoa has fun as main villain Keegan even though it seems he’s acting in a different film. Christian Slater shows up out of nowhere in what maybe one of the greatest mis-castings I’ve seen in recent memory and as for Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, well he just explains the contrived plot in a silly accent. If only Bullet to the Head was any fun at all in a hard-core 80’s throw back way. The action limp and flat and as the film lives up to its title, it’s nothing but CGI blood splatter that in the end just get tiresome