Carrie (the 2013 remake)

St Lucia So here we are at another remake of a beloved horror classic, based on the Brian De Palma film based on the book by Stephen King, it tells the tragic story of Carrie White. A young teenage outsider traumatized in both  her life at school and home. With an over baring and crazy religious freak as a mother, chastising her and locking her in the closet to pray for her sins every night, while being bullied at school for not fitting in. All the while school college Sue (Gabriella Wilde) tries to make up for her mistreatment by giving her a magical prom night by setting her up with her boyfriend Tommy (Ansel Elgort). Unbeknownst to everyone, Carrie has a dark secret that is ticking over like a time bomb with every bit of abuse she receives.

buy Lyrica in mexico This is an earnest attempt from Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry) and decent performances from Chloë Grace Moretz (Carrie herself) and Julianne Moore who turns things up to bat-shit crazy as the mother from hell. Peirce keeps things fairly close to the story from what’s been told before minus De Palma’s over the top theatrical. Judy Greer plays the teacher Ms. Desjardin who has Caries best interests at heart and is not afraid to dish out justice on the spoiled and spiteful Chris (Portia Doubleday), it all pretty faithful. What it does add is more character development for Julianne Moore to do with her self harming and seeing the actual birth of Carrie. It’s nice to see an attempt to flesh out more of the characters but it does seem just redundant to do so, we get everything we needed first time round, making it feel just like filler. This new version also explores Carries attempt to learn about her powers and trains herself to control them. There is nothing wrong with taking a different approach and taking a character down a slightly different path than before but it kind of undermines the climax somewhat. Carrie seems to confident with herself and her powers so much so that when she reaches breaking point, it’s not as convincing.

It’s not fair to judge a remake by comparing it to the original but when these updates of classic well-known films crop up, they tend to make the same mistakes by repeating the what’s gone on before as if doing something different would be sacrilege while green lighting them because it’s seems like revisiting before there’s even a decent original idea to go with apart from adding special effects and more creative kills. It’s a shame as there is nothing really to hate about Carrie (2013), there’s just nothing to like about it either..