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Ep 1 Jurassic World

  Welcome to episode 1 of The Cinematronix podcast. In our first ever episode I’m joined by Matt Daly and Robert Turnbull as we talk about the box office smash and all its spoilers. You can follow these two gentleman on Twitter with the links above and you can follow me here Please get in touch with…

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The Battle of Lincoln by Curt Milner

By @CurtMilner This is a story of the afternoon I went to see Steven Spielberg’s 2013 film Lincoln, nominated for ten Oscars ® and winner of two, for Daniel Day Lewis’s central performance, and for Rick Carter and Jim Erickson’s production design. The film’s imdb page lists a total of 114 wins and 169 nominations across…

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Movie Talk on Sunday (9th November)

by @bookshopgirl212 With the Centennial of WWI in a few days, I thought it’s only fitting to visit a genre that has been around since the beginning of film; in fact the first film ever to win an Academy Award was WINGS (1927), a romantic action-war picture. [youtube][/youtube] War films can contain multiple genres within; from pure history…

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