Do You Expect Us To Talk Christmas Commentary : Scrooged

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Nueva Gerona It’s Christmas time is upon us yet again as treat our listeners with a Christmas gift for a third year with a commentary. This year, it’s our wonderful host Becca’s choice as we take on the 80’s modern-day version of A Christmas Carol, Scrooged. Starring the only man who can get away with being an arsehole and still be lovable, Bill Murray whos a TV executive who enjoys walking over people to find success, gets a visit from three spirits on Christmas Eve to save his soul.

buy Ivermectin Follow Becca, Dave and Chris as we talk through what the Radio Times top Christmas films are, what we might cover next year, why no one ever talks about if Die Hard is a Christmas film or not, why this is better than the Muppets one, what happened to Karen Allen and Lee Majors (Action Star).

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Merry Christmas Everyone