Do You Expect Us To Talk? : Ep 8 Diamonds Are Forever


Welcome to the next episode of Do You Expect Us To Talk? We’ve finally made it through to the end of the Connery era and a low point as well. Well.. for us it is as we reach what we all pretty much describe as the worst in the series.

Sean Connery is back to take on Charles Gray’s Blofeld as Bond goes to Vegas and looks a seedy as it sounds. Listen as our host Becca Andrews and her very own Mr Wint and Mr Kidd Chris Byrne and Dave Bond as we struggle to find something nice to say.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk will return with Goldfinger…. again.


One thought on “Do You Expect Us To Talk? : Ep 8 Diamonds Are Forever

  1. Hi guys
    Great podcast with some intersting views. Have to say that even though diamonds is a mess of a film in places, it does have some good standout moments that make it far from terrible.
    Anyway if you do do I podcast with other people I would like to be involved.
    Keep up the good work.

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