Ep 130 Guardians of the Galaxy : Do You Expect Us To Talk?


necessitously Do You Expect Us To Talk? continues with Marvel with what was seemingly the biggest gamble yet, Guardians of the Galaxy. Set in another Galaxy, it follows Peter Quill who was abducted by aliens after witnessing his mother’s death from cancer. Now he’s adventurer out to make a quick buck while running from smugglers and just upsetting a dangerous force Roan who seeking power to destroy anything that’s not considered pure. Peter encounters Gamora (adopted daughter of Thanos), Rocket (Racoon), Groot (a tree) and Drax (an alien who takes everything literally), who reluctantly join forces to save the galaxy.

Ducos Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we discuss, the new Marvel titles and where it’s placed, why we sounded shit 2 weeks ago, get nostalgic about walkmans and how they pale in comparison today and Dave constructs the greatest joke of all time.

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