Ep 133 Ant-Man : Do You Expect Us To Talk?


Zarzal Ok….. the wait is over. Sorry for the delay folks, but we’re back determined to finish Marvel and we pick up where we left off with Ant-Man. Following Hank Pym who has been a recluse after leaving shield to protect his shrinking technology. When a past protege Darren Cross seems close to recreating his technology to sell it to the wrong hands, he seeks out Scott Lang, a thief fresh out off jail trying to reconnect with his daughter. With the help from Hank’s daughter Hope, they must pull off a heist to steal the Yellowjacket and destroy the research to stop it falling into the hands of Hydra.

buy clomid research Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we discuss why Edgar Wright is not directing, the welcome return of Micheal Douglas, the success of changing genres, does Paul Rudd ever age, how great Michael Peña is, Judy Greer type cast mum, good stepfather representation and would we still do 60-year-old Hayley Atwell?

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