Ep 150 Mission: Impossible III: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

raving Do You Expect Us To Talk? accepts our mission to review the third instalment of Tom Cruise’s Mission: Impossible series. Ethan Hunt, now taking a back seat from the field, training new recruits with one eye on leaving to have a normal life with his new fiancée Julia. When his first protégé is caught in action, Ethan gets tempted back in to rescue her and obtain data on art dealer Owen Davian. After the mission fails, Ethan is caught back in the game with his own personal life jeopardised as the stakes get personal as well as high.

shortly Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we discuss Tom Cruise being the perfect guy, what if the wrong person bought the camera, possibly the series best villain, how teamwork plays on a mission, JJ lens flair, fake Italian accents and Tom Cruise running at lot.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol