Ep 161 Never Say Never Again commentary : Do You Expect Us To Talk

http://powerguard.quibblecontent.co.uk/central-battery-system-emergency-lighting/ It’s commentary time again and we go back to Bond for a quick pitstop before we delve into another series. This time we view Sean Connery’s final and unofficial outing as 007 in Never Say Never Again. With the plot of Thunderball this is one story and character that Kevin McClory could not let go, only this time it stars Edward Snowden.

http://norskerflyfishing.com/peters-blog/kamchatka-float-fishing-best-buy-for-skandinaviske-fluefiskere Join Becca, Dave and Chris and we discuss as we watch Rowan Atkinson not being funny, Sean Connery’s toupee in action, how official is this film, is this Largo a better villain, the creepiest masseur and was Kim Basinger fit?

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