Ep 91 Star Wars – Attack of the Clones : Do You Expect Us To Talk?


cheap ivermectin Long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Do You Expect Us to Talk continues the Star Wars saga following the heroic adventures of a jumped up shit. As former princess Padmé  has an attempt made on her life, the Jedi wisely sends Obi-Wan and his padawan with a raging hard-on for her. What follows is a detective story that leads to clone army, shifty politics and a love story to end all love stories.

http://mortgagefactoryltd.com/2015/07/ Join Becca, Chris, Dave and guest Charlie and we discuss the mystery villein that’s not a mystery, why Christopher Lee is wasted, how much CGI is too much CGI, Hayden Christensen’s rape face, Yoda kicking ass and Obi-Wan rocking the Jesus look.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Revenge of the Sith