Evil Dead


The thought of a re-make of a beloved horror classic is itself getting tired and old. It’s not that I am against them, it is just that hollywood churned so many out as just mundane run of the mill carbon copies, that I barely muster any interest what so ever. I think remakes are a great idea, if you just take the premise of the original and make a completely different film from it. This version sits squarely in the middle . Produced by the Sam Rami himself, this is the feature film debut of Fede Alvarez who got the gig after making a short film on YouTube called Panic Attack. The story is the same as before, except for a new group teenagers to maim and dismember. Starring Jane Levy as Mia, a heroin addict who retreats with her brother and friends to a remote cabin in the woods. When one of them finds the book of the dead and reads aloud from it (dispute being wrapped in barbed wire with warnings of do not read written on every page), bad things happen to say the least.
The good thing about this is that it’s made with the up most respect of the original. It doesn’t hold back on the gore that are all done practically. The problems with it is that it doesn’t separate itself to become its own film. Rami made a low-budget nasty horror film that paralleled with slapstick humour. With Cabin in the Woods taking the same premise and turning it into a satire and hitting it out of the park,  Alvarez can only go down the serious route. Where Cabin took the same set up and became its own film, Evil Dead relies on the moments that were in the original two, with a little dose of The Exorcist for good measure. Sure they play out differently, but as nasty as the informs tree rape scene, watching hands getting sawn and torn off and the think gooey blood spraying everywhere, it will only be copy of an original film. That’s not to say that it’s not fun. As far as copies of classic horror films ago, it’s very enjoyable, all the jumps and chainsaw/ shotgun action is a blast, however it is not scary. At least not for hardened horror fans, which when you want to take the new Evil Dead in a serious tone, lack of scares does stop this from being great. So it does look like the Buffy guy already gave us the best Evil Dead remake last year..