Fast and Furious 6

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Aracati Who would have thought it that the Fast and the Furious would get to number 6 and be bigger and stronger than ever. Ever since Vin Diesel and Paul Walker remade Point Break with fast cars instead of surf boards, the franchise seemed short-lived. With Diesel and Walker returning for a fourth instalment, (making the true sequel to the first) which lead to the colossal combo of everyone from the last 4 films plus The Rock in the insanely stupid fifth film. This new outing takes stupid to a whole new level. Fully embracing the ridiculous nature of everything, Fast and Furious 6 clearly doesn’t care about character development, story, logic or anything that makes sense. The plot, if you can call it a plot, is basically, The Rock wants Vin Diesel and his team (or family as they put it) to help capture an evil Luke Evans who as it happens has a presumed dead Michelle Rodriguez working for him. So the whole gang team up again in a series of set pieces that fast cars, planes and tanks.


This it a movie equivalent to a big fat cheese burger with a large fries on the side. It’s too big, it’s a silly idea that requires little thought, stodgy and if had when in the right mood, it is the best thing you can possibly have. Yes everything on-screen is complete nonsense but that matters not, as this is a fun ride that only requires you to switch off your brian and reveal in the absurdest world it lives in. To take this film seriously would be missing the point entirely its fully self-aware,  winking to the audience using one lines telling us all to sit back and enjoy the chaos. It’s all about all about the action scenes at the end of the day and its a good job that it delivers on that front. Justin Lin has done an excellent job with action. Leaving the street racing to a minimum, it is jam-packed with punch ups, shoot outs, car chases distorting half of London and take downs of a plain on the longest runway in the universe and a tank. Everyone is having a blast in this. Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris has great banter between each other, Luke Evans is a ball being all evil, Gina Carano proves that she needs to be in more action films and The Rock… well he’s The Rock. This is a movie version of junk food alright. You may feel guilty and regret it afterwards but as you devour it, man does it taste good..