Frankenweenie is the new stop motion animated film from Tim Burton. Based on the live action short from 1984 witch got him fired from Disney, is a welcome return to form to the Burton we know and love. After the uneven mess that was Dark Shadows, this is a more heartfelt project that harks back to the likes Edward Scissorhands and the old horror films of the 1930’s. Set in the fictional town of  New Holland, the film tells the story of Victor, a school boy gifted in science and his beloved dog Sparky. One fateful day, Sparky gets run over  living young Victor heartbroken. So with the new found knowledge taught by the his new Vincent Price lookalike teacher, Mr. Rzykruski (Martin Landau), he sets off to bring Sparky back from the dead for his science project.

Made in black and white, it features many references to Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. In the same way that ParaNorman worked as a kids film but with it’s roots firmly placed in 80’s horror, Frankenweenie on parallel  with its inspiration from the horror movies of old. It is full of charm accompanied by a voice cast of Martian Short and Catherine O’Hara, this is the gothic and comedic Tim Burton witch reminds us why we love him..