I Give It a Year



I Give It a Year is a new British romantic comedy with a twist. Rose Byrne and Rafe Spall star as a recently married couple whose friends and family doubt their compatibility. Complications arise with in the form of a former girlfriend (Anna Faris) and a handsome business partner (Simon Barker), adding temptations for the newlyweds. The rom-com is a tried formula and it is not often we get one with an off beat premise that asks should they get together than will they. So it’s great to see writer/director Dan Mazar thinking outside the box.

Featuring a heavy supporting cast of with the likes of Minnie Driver, Jason Flemyng, and Olivia Coleman as a marriage counsellor who needs her own relationship counselling, it bounces along at a jolly pace. Although dissipate the likeable cast, the jokes are very hit and miss and the film feels lost and confused much like its central characters. Steven Merchant pops up now and again doing the thing that Steven Merchant does as the friend who makes uncomfortably offensive comments, but is only there to for comedic purposes and does in no way serve the plot. It is only by the end where it finds its point, but by then it just seems like a reasonably humorous sketch show segment. A nice idea but not one that is not substantial to carry a feature-length film..