It’s a poster…… who cares

With the recent release of the of teaser posters for both Star Trek in to Darkness (what, no colon) and Man of Steel, there appears to be a lot of shit about on the internet. So with that in mind,  thought I throw my own shit in there to. Now the new poster for the new Star Trek movie has been criticised straight of the bat for looking a little too much like the one The Dark Knight Rises had.

Now I may not be that have an artistic mind, but it looks pretty cool. Sure it has similarities with the idea, honestly, does this mean the the new Star Trek film is going to be pants. Nope. Does this mean that J. J. Abraham’s is now going to rip off Nolan’s last movie? No. Dose this have any baring on anything what so ever? I’m gonna go with no again. You see, these are just some artwork knocked up by an artist, for some producers, just to get people taking. I guess it worked. Look at the Man of Steel poster for instance. The genale opinion is that it is unaginive and not sure why Superman is in handcuffs as he could break out of them at any second. But can we wait and watch the film before we judge it. After all, watch the teaser trailer it looks intresting.

If I am honest, it barely counts as news as it doesn’t give us anything that we already know. Okay, so Superman maybe arrested for something, who knows? But evan if the posters sucks, doesn’t mean that the are films gonna..