Life of Pi


The new film from Ang Lee is an adaptation of a book from Yann Martel, witch was deemed unfilmable. The story follows the story of Piscine Molitor who gave himself the name Pi, and his incredible story.  Told from a flash back perceptive in the form of Rafe Spall as an author and an elder Pi (Irrfan Khan). Starting from his school days, the first third spends it’s time getting to know Pi and his fascination with religion and the friction that plays against his father who looks at the world through logic. When his family decide to ship to Canada and sell their zoo and it’s animals,  the ship stinks during a heavy storm killing everyone on board except Pi and one of his fathers animals, a tiger who has been called Richard Parker. The film picks up at this point.

Life of Pi works best when it’s just the young Pi (Suraj Sharma) and a tiger in a boat. Sharma is really impressive as he carries the film all on his own. Meanwhile we are treated to sunning visuals that could litually take a still of and hang on your wall. It is with out a dought gorgeus to look at. The 3D as well is done, although doesn’t add much other than a few nice touches (one of witch is a stick being pointed at you). While very impressive, the film didn’t seem to stick with me as much as it should. But what Ang Lee got right was a successful transition from page to screen that will make fans of the book walk away happy. It’s a shame that something this well made, acted and buetiful, left me feeling some what indifferent..