Movie Talk on Sunday (9th November)


With the Centennial of WWI in a few days, I thought it’s only fitting to visit a genre that has been around since the beginning of film; in fact the first film ever to win an Academy Award was WINGS (1927), a romantic action-war picture.


War films can contain multiple genres within; from pure history to adventure, love stories and even comedies and satire.  Saving-Private-Rya_1465067c

10 questions alone can’t do it justice of course, but we’ll try and look at some different aspect of War in film.

I’m keeping it fairly simple this time, I hope we can talk some more about this long running and fascinating genre a future MOVIE TALK ON SUNDAY.

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Please join in and have some fun, we’re a great bunch of people [Symbol]

Q1 What’s your favourite War film or movie set during the times of War? #mtos

Q2 What’s your favourite cinematic shot in a War film? #mtos

Q3 Which War Film captured the horrors of War best? #mtos wh3_2

Q4 The Vietnam War has been Americas trauma, which film captured the human tragedy best? #mtos

Q5 Which scene or sequence gets you in tears every time? #mtos

Q6 Who’s your favourite character who kept faith in humanity even during the greatest horrors in times of war? Give us a quote #mtos

Q7 You can’t fight in here, this is the war room! What’s your favourite War comedy/satire? #mtos

Q8 World War II has been covered very well, is there a historic war we should see in more movies? #mtos


Q9 If you had to go into battle, which film character would you like to have   by your side? #mtos

Q10 Which movie quote best sums up what War means to you? #mtos