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whene'er I’m back on my third attempt at the glorious thing that is MTOS (Movie Talk On Sunday) and in the early hours of the morning after a genual election, I thought I might choose the topic politics, but as I know nothing about that subject and everyone just might be sick of it by now, I’ve turned to the good old favorite of mine. Action Films.


Here is how MOVIE TALK ON SUNDAY works:

It starts Sundays at 8pm GMT and the host starts posting a question every 10 minutes.

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So lets get our action grove on and here’s the questions.

Q1) Arnie? Sly? Bruce? Statham? Who’s your action star?

Q2) Flip question now…. who’s your least favourite?

Q3) What makes a great action film?

Q4) What director is best at delivering action movies?

Q5) Are there any actors or directors that you’d like to see have a go at the action genre?

Q6) Hands down… what’s the best franchise for action?

Q7) What’s your favourite catchphrases… kiss off lines? Give as many as you like.

Q8) Has the popularity of the action genre declined somewhat since the 00’s? Has comic book films taken over?

Q9) Are the cast of the Expendables too old for this shit?

Q10) Pitch Time… give me a high concept, lead and director?