Must every Blockbuster have so many Spoilers

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How come all the big summer blockbusters are so filled with spoilers that it leaves you unable to talk about them? A spoiler use to usually just be towards the end of the film but these days the narrative’s riddled with them. I miss the good old days when you could look at IMDB without ruining the films big plot twist. When did Hollywood get so keen on surprising us? I suppose with the internet around film makers need to keep key plot points under wraps so we can experience a genuine sense of surprise. However dose knowing the main plot twist spoil enjoying the film?

I’ve found myself asking this coming out of a midnight screening of Star Trek Into Darkness and after the chief reveal of the story, which I wont ruin here, I wasn’t that surpassed by it. In fact, I walked away with a sense of that if JJ Abrams wouldn’t have kept things so close to his chest, it wouldn’t have bothered anyone. Well Star Trek is a wildly anticipated sequel to a massive franchise with hard-core fan base that may not be best pleased with you if you screw it up but even so. I had the same feelings when afterwards I read a potential spoiler for the Captain America sequel, again I shallot tell on here, and again, didn’t bother me. This maybe because both spoilers didn’t come as much shock (well at least to me) but do we really need everything kept a secret.

This is a question where I go back and forth on in my head. I am one these guys would think trailers give too much away, I am usually happy with teaser trailer and feel that they do enough to tell me the look, the feel and the general premise, everything I need to know. To view the film cold is truly the best way to enjoy it. However with the invention of the world-wide web, you can have the film ruined for you before it’s even released in the cinema. At least these days trailers do try to cover some things up while blowing all the big money shots. Back in the 80’s they use to spoil everything by having solid full clips with a voice over explaining everything right down to the climatic battle. All you need to do is watch the trailer for Soylent Green and that has literally everything in it, except for the the twist at the very end, but thats not much a head scratcher.

Watch it here if you dare.

I guess it all comes down to opinion. Film makers like Abrams and Nolan should keep their plots tightly guarded. Just this time, in the case of the new Star Trek, I didn’t feel like it was necessary. In fact, maybe if they announced the main spoiler back late last year , the fans who would take issue with it what happens in it would be more relaxed by this time and about and enjoy the film. Then I guess, maybe that’s what IMDB and Wikipedia are doing just that and shame on them but if they want to keep the pleasure of watching it for the first time a surprise, I fully endorse that and everyone should respect not tarnishing the impact of the film as the film makers intended..