Now You See Me Now you see me is the new film by Louis Leterrier to make a crime caper that involves magicians. Sounds like fun. Throw in a cast that has Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo, Isla Fisher, Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine and you have my attention. So a fun premise with a sold cast, it has to be at least be reasonably enjoyable…. Right?

tropically Eisenberg, Harrelson, Fisher and Dave Franco (James’s brother) are a bunch of small time street magicians and pickpockets summoned by a mysterious figure to form a magical group know as The Four Horsemen. A collective of magicians who become the biggest magic act in the world. When they actively rob a bank as part of their show, its up to a frustrated F.B.I agent Mark Ruffalo to constantly running after them as they use magic to escape.

Now You See Me Works best when its a fast paced detective story set to solve the way these heists/magic tricks are set up. However despite the film telling you to look closely and pay attention as if it was about to pull off something really cleaver, it in fact pulls off something really dumb. Dropping the interesting parts where you have the secrets revealed, it turns into a visual effects show with Morgan Freeman stood in the corner looking smug. It doesn’t help that the lead four aren’t very likeable. Eisenberg plays a character that is arrogant and pompous , Harrelson has more charm until you realise that he is just a creepy con-man and Isla Fisher is there just so that it’s not all dudes and Franco is the disposable one. Watching it almost makes you feel almost as frustrated as Mark Ruffalo as he tries to carry the entire film on his shoulders with added forced love interest in the form of a partnered Interpol Agent (Mélanie Laurent).

Ultimately, Now You See Me is set out as a fun ride but a real cleaver edge to it. Instead it’s a reasonably fun ride that throws everything it has at the screen just so you wont see what it has up it’s sleeve, not very much. .