Pitch Perfect


Anna Kendrick stars as the cool music buff, who is attached to her Mac computer always remixing tracks. When she resentfully joins an a cappella group call The Bella’s who desperately wants to win the a cappella singing contest, you know, these real great big college contests that these movies always have. So the set up is a cool version of Glee without the extra cheese. The good news is that it is way funnier than you would expect it to be, with charm to spare. Kendrick is an likeable lead and adorable as always, with cracking support from Rebel Wilson playing the comedy side kick. The sort of role that in the 80’s the male equivalent would of been played John Belushi (and thats a complement). Wilson next to steals this film as the self called Fat Amy, not holding back on anything she says or does. It’s surprisingly refreshing to see and will no doubt rocket her as one of the new queens of comedy.

With a decent support from Adam DeVine (Workaholics), Skylar Astin (as the love intreats) and providing the commentary of the live shows are Elizabeth Banks and John Michael Higgins, who add a welcome touch of dry humour to the proceedings. Thing that is really charming is the love it has for its subject matter. Embracing music of all genres and not being afraid of mixing old with the new with love a passion for the art. Evan if it is David Guetta..