trustfully Ben Wheatley strikes gold a third time with his new black comedy Sightseers. After the grim and tense Kill List, Wheatley takes a more light hearted approach, all be it still twisted. Written by its two leads Alice Lowe and Steve Oram, Sightseers tells the tale of Tina and Chris, a couple on a caravan holiday in the north Yorkshire. In a attempt to escape from her Domineering mother who blames her for the death of her dog Poppy, problems arise for Tina who discovers that Chris has certain issues with anyone who annoys him. Seeing this dark side to her seemingly boring boyfriend as the body count rises, see make the attempt to embrace it and join in, releasing her inner psychotic self but failing to see what truly makes him tick. Lowe and Oram have great comedic chemistry together using improv to give natural performances that make such ludicrous characters believable. Not for the faint hearted, the film uses the juxtaposition of the normal every day arguments that couples have, in extremely gruesome surroundings. Though fully aware of it absurdity, Sightseers takes advantage of the locations and we do a little sightseeing ourselves, but we didn’t kill anyone….. honest..