Spring Breakers

solitarily http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rVvn9T6bqls


The new film by Harmony Korine doesn’t hold back on its exploitative themes with the the sight of young adults partying hard on a beach flashing breasts, leering into the camera pouring beer over one another in a slow motion to a head thumping Skrillex music. Taking a hard look at the culture of spring break, watching college kids go on a insane drug fuelled rampage of sex, bozze and chaos. The plot is fairly thin. Centered around four college girls, three of whom, played Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine, decide to hold up a local chicken shop to fund their escape from their borning mundane lives. Faith (Selena Gomez) is the girls church attending friend who is also bored of her usual routine, joins them in there vacation in Florida.

After a week of fun, the girls get arrested while a attending a drug filled party that ending in destruction. With no money left to bale them out, they find a life line from local silver toothed, cornrowed, rapper, drug dealer Alien (James Franco). Alien is an ridiculous creation that lure the girls into his world while taking them under his wing.

I felt very confused by Spring Breakers, on one hand it doesn’t seem to about anything thing. Watching these girls drinking in their bikinis while bragging about stealing money normal people and sharing their love for cock in the first half, with the second being all about James Franco’s performance as he parades about with all his possessions as the official twitter account  @ http://uppermoretonfarm.co.uk/what-we-offer/volunteer-with-us/ LookAtAllMyShit would suggest. There was a moment half way through where I thought Spring Breakers would lead  somewhere as  the one religious girl, Faith (the only sympathetic character) shows her mis-trust with Alien, foreseeing only disaster ahead and tries to save her friends from going down a path of sin. However that theory vanishes fast. On the other hand, the film has a tons of energy and is oddly engaging, given that you are constantly looking for reasons (and failing) to follow these girls on their journey to find themselves using pink balaclava’s and AK 47’s. It’s colourful and vived and very in your face. With consent echo’s of a cocking gun and Franco’s creepy tone saying “spring break” over and over again.


Franco steals the movie having fun in a role that requires him to give fellatio to two guns and to sit on a piano singing Britney Spears, where the girls go for broke to break away from the disney label that started Hudgens and Gomez’s careers. Gomez stands out as the only one with any character. The other three merge as one and are not really identifiable and this is a problem in the latter part of the film. Korine direction is bold and stylish but as it seems to take a cynical view of things society  lets kids do just because it’s spring break while at the same time, rolling around in the its own exploitation of drugs, sex and  crime. I’m looking for a genuine meaning amongst all the crazy madness,  as it turns out Spring Breakers  is just about Spring Break..