Ep 18 Masters of the Universe : The Action Junkies


The Action Junkies Podcast is back baby back. After some time away due to busy lives Chris and Jade return with an episode discussing Masters of the Universe starring Action Junkies favorite Dolph Lundgren. Naturally we got on a tangent and most talk about other stuff such as remakes, Batman Vs Superman, fast food and the Lars von Trier film Nymphomaniac.

Watch out for some more podcasts in the very near future.

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Action Junkies : Expendables 3 and Shit

Helloha…. and welcome to another Action Junkies podcast where the wonderful Jade Lindley   and myself  as get together each week or any week, to talk about our love for action films.

This episode we delve into our thoughts for The Expendables 3. This is another one with both having different opinions on the film and that is always entraining to listen to.

We also go way off topic which is something that you will see much more of in the new up and coming episodes and stay tuned for a Cobra Commentary Track  coming in the near future.

Appoliees for the slow audio.. Skype was up to no good on this one so we just went for it.

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Jade’s Top 5 (Action Junkies) Podcast

Its yet another Top 5 podcast but this time it’s a crossover.  This time it’s my fellow co-host from the Action Junkies Jade Lindley.

Jade is a fellow blogger who is the head of comics at I’m With Geek.com , is a massive fan of genre films such as Horror and Action and maybe have a few crushes on a few action stars.

In Top 5, I discuss Jades top 5 favourite films and what they mean to her as well as get side tracked by the odd tangent.

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The Action Junkies : Escape Plan

So with a bit of a break of over a month but we’re back with the Christmas period behind us and Jade (@CelluloidAK) gives her run down of her top movies of 2013, not before discussing her number 1 film Escape plan.

Escape Plan is the monutenus film where Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone co headline the same film. Stallone plays Ray Breslin, who gets hired to be put in prison to escape out of them to find the flaws within the system. He gets offered a multi-million dollar deal  to break out of a top secret prison that is supposedly escape-proof.  Things go south when the warden (Jim Caviezel) is not who he seems and must turn to fellow inmate Emil Rottmayer (Schwarzenegger) and plan to escape together.

Chris (@CinemaTronix) also chips in on some of the films he likes in 20013. It’s great to be back a hopefully a lot more will follow.

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See you next week with Enemies Closer.


King of the Kickboxers : The Action Junkies


Hey its another episode of the Action Junkies and in this episode Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Jade (@CelluloidAK) delive into streught to video hell and revil in the naffness of King of the Kickboxers.

Starring Loren Avedon as a rouge cop who goes undercover in Thailand to take down a snuff movie ring and to take vengeance on  Khan (Billy Blanks) the man who killed his brother years ago. This is the perfect example of a film that is so bad its good. The who film is on YouTube and is definitely worth your time.

Next time Jade and Chris will go head to head as we talk about Bullet to the Head. One likes it….. the other not so much. Can you you guess which ones which?

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