Ep 11 Chris and Dave do Summer


It’s been a while since I’ve updated the podcast so here’s a round-up of the summer realese this year. Joining me is my fellow podcaster from Do You Expect Us To Talk, Dave Bond.

Together we go through the main films of the summer period of what appears to be an average summer. These inclued Batman vs Superman (again), Civil War, Jungle Book, X Men Apocalypse, Nice Guys, Ghostbusters, Star Trek Beyond and Suicide Squad.

We forget about Warcraft and Independence Day Resurgence, but to sum up… Warcraft Good…. Independence Day Bad.

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Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast : Oscars, Lex and Cap

We’re back after a while off and we have a lot to catch up on. Chris and Scott ramble on about our thoughts on the Oscar contenders as well the insane news of the new Batman vs Superman casting. We also take time to ramble on about our excitement for Captain America : Winter Soldier, I explain the premise of A Million Ways To Die In The West to Scott

 more Star Wars,  our own lookalikes, incoherent ramblings and we pay respect and tribute to the late Philip Seymour Hoffman.


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