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Action Junkies Podcast : Comic Books and Rants

http://thmiii.com/case/6/ Welcome back to  another episode of The Action Junkies Podcast, hosted by Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Jade (@CelluloidAK ) and here we chat about action films and our love for the genre. This episode we take a look at two of the most recent comic book sequels in Captain America : The Winter Soldier and The Amazing…

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(SPOILER) Captain America The Winter Soldier : Bastnerds

This is a SPOILER filled episode of the Bastnerds podcast so please make sure that you’ve seen the recent film from Marvel studios, Captain America The Winter Soldier then please come back and enjoy… (deep breath) Scott @Celluloidical Ian @i_nesbot and frequent spoiler contributors Amon Warmann @awarmann and Christopher Ejizu @MovieUmpire …… oh and me @CinemaTronix This is the last film before the highly anticipated…

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