Do You Expect Us To Talk : Ep10 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service Commentary


It’s commentary time again and this time we ask can Bond pull off a kilt? Join Becca, Chris and Dave watch while talking over what is probably the best Bond movie. We go off tangent of course and sometimes we just stop and watch the movie as well as going out of our way to offend everyone in a equal opportunity kind of way.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with SPECTRE Instant Reaction


Do You Expect Us To Talk? : Ep 7 On Her Majesty’s Secret Service


So we finally arrive at the film we’ve been banging about the most. It’s Dave’s favourite Bond film Die Another DIe… no.. not really. It’s the single James Bond film to start George  Lazenby.

Not just two hours of our host Becca and her minions Chris and Dave telling you guys it’s great… no… we also find time for blow job jokes. This is a stand out instalment and almost forgotten about up until it was reassessed. So we go through a lot of history that will continue into next week.

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Do you Expect Us to talk will return in Diamonds Are Forever