Do You Expect Us To Talk Ep 13: Live and Let Die


We’re back to what we do best with a regular episodes where we review each Bond film in order of realise. We start where we left off with Rodger Moore’s first entry Live and Let Die. Possible the strangest entry and it deals with voodoo and black magic and a touch of blaxploitation.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return in Man With The Golden Gun


Do You Expect Us To Talk? : Ep 4 Goldfinger


Cue the big brass horns with Shirley Bassey passing out with Jimmy Page playing guitar (fun fact… Jimmy Page did play in that recording).. Yes it’s time for one of the.. if not the quintessential Bond film, Goldfinger.

Our host Becca Andrews guides us with her side kick henchmen Chris Byrne and David Bond (no relation to the fictional character in question) to talk about the third and arguably the best in the series and run the risk of angering Bond car enthusiasts all at the same time.

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Enjoy this episode and Do You Expect Us To Talk will return with Thunderball.