Ep 108 Inglorious Basterds  : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

At last, Do You Expect Us To Talk has returned with the next instalment in the Quinten Tarantino series. This episode we delve into Inglorious Basterds, the first of his altered history movies. Starring Brad Pitt set in Paris during World War Two, a rogue team of soldiers on a mission to kill Nazis are sent to blow up a cinema with the top Nazi leaders to a premiere of a propaganda film. Meanwhile, the owner of the cinema sees an opportunity to burn down the cinema herself to reap her own vengeance.

Listen to Becca, Chris and Dave as Chris forgets peoples names, why is Austin Powers in this film, Diane Kruger should be a Bond girl, why Fassbender would be great as Bond but won’t, Christoph Waltz being great and Tarantino love of food…. and feet.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Django Unchained


Ep 106 Kill Bill Volume 2 : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Do You Expect Us To Talk returns with part 2 of Kill Bill. Taking a more experimental approach this time around, Volume 2 continues the tale of revenge that sees the Bride kill her way through to Bill, although Bill is the only person she kills in this film (Spoiler alert, fun fact). We also see a flashback to her training with a kung fu master.

Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we discuss is this the weakest Tarantino film, can one dig out of a grave, Micheal Madsen being a Bullseye contestant, disappointing endings, some Spanish guy and how Tarantino really doesn’t understand Superman.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Death Proof


Ep 105 Kill Bill Vol 1 : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Finally, we truly return to Tarantino with the first of the Kill Bill films. What was once one movie that got split into two, Kill Bill Vol 1 sees Una Thurman as the avenging bride, killing her way through her list of her former peers of assassins all the way to the leader…. Bill. This half the tale focus on the first two that builds up to the battle of the blue leaves.

Join Becca, Chris and Dave as we discuss who was the original Bill, how viewings can change over time, why The Matrix Reloaded was shit and what is Tom Cruise running away from in his movies.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Kill Bill Vol 2


Intersteller Spoilers Podcast : The Bastnerds


The new Christopher Nolan film Interstellar was realised last week and I () got together with Amon Warmann @awarmann podcast new comer Jay Mystery @Mistryious and good old podcast friend Scott Allden @Celluloidical to have a big old chat about the new Sci Fi epic starring Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Nolan’s lucky charm Michael Caine.


The plot centres around our planet rapidly becoming inhabitable and its up to McConaughey and co to head out into deep space to find another planet for the human race to survive save the day.

As you can guess this is a canned chat that will contain spoilers so listeners discretion is advised

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Top 5 Podcast with Brittany Rivera

So Top 5 is back, an extension of the Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast where Chris talks to different verity of friends from the land of the web.

This time his brain struggles to work as he’s only just waking up at a ridiculously early hour. A good job that his guest Britney Rivera is there to make sense of it all.

Brittany is a New Yorker living in California working as runner in TV production and live shows. She’s a fellow film fantic and we talk about her Top 5 favourite films.

Her choices include a Disney Classic, a Spielberg blockbuster, one of my favourites , the most popular film that i’ve come across doing this Top 5 podcasts and coincidentally…two of Hollywoods greatness and recent losses.

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Chris Vs Woody : Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast

Thanks for joining us yet again for the Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast. It’s a short one, running just under an hour.

It maybe short but’s very sweet. Anyway In this episode of the podcast featuring myself Chris Byrne   and my faithful sidekick Scott Allden  and making his third appearance Mr Baz Film 

This week we talk about continuity errors, I get angry over Woody Allan, how we all react to films differently and more…

Please check out Baz’s radio show tomorrow on the 4th September 2014  here  http://banburylive.com where he’ll be talking about favourite films from the 80’s so maker sure you check that out.

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Transformers Age of Extinction : Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast

Hello it’s Bastnerds time yet again and we’re taking on the Hollywood heavy weight Michael Bay with no too damming praise and spoiling things left right and centre.

Joining me  is one of my go to guys and now currently in my will mr Raghav Modi   and regular contributor and YouTube star  

Transformers 4 sees Michael Bay return to kinda reboot the franchise with an all new cast and ready to destroy  another city. Our opinions may surprise and maybe appal you as we go easy on Mr Bay and turn the spot light on why he makes so much money.

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The Bastnerds are back Baby back


The Bastnerds are back once again after taking some time off (What again?).. and this time we are multitasking by watching the world cup.

Well when I say WE I mean Scott @Celluloidical and Ian @i_nesbot while I @CinemaTronix watch some film with Chuck Norris in.

So in this episode I explain the concept of the renaming and the idea of The Geek Soapbox. We catch up with the things we have seen over the last couple of months.

Scott realises he didn’t like the last Muppet movie and explains the continuity of X-Men Days of Future Past and more talk about The Lego Movie and some thoughts about the new Godzilla movie.

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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Spoiler) and other stuff

Spoilers ahoy…. this episode we finally talk about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which has received very mixed opinions from everyone, even from my established guests.

They are my old faithful regular Scott @Celluloidical film journalist Amon Warmann @awarmann and future YouTube star Christopher Ejizu  @MovieUmpire

This podcast we discuss everything about this superhero sequel so if you haven’t seen it be warned because we will ruin it for you. We also talk spoilers for Transcendence which hasn’t received a warm reception from critics and Amon also gives his views on the$84,035,575 film that flopped in the states, Pompeii.

We also have more film banter about the new title change of the last Hobbit film and more Batman vs Superman.

Plaese check out the websites of the fine fellows who contributed to this podcast bellow

Amon’s Pompeii review http://amonymousblog.com/2014/05/02/film-review-pompeii/

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(SPOILER) Captain America The Winter Soldier : Bastnerds

This is a SPOILER filled episode of the Bastnerds podcast so please make sure that you’ve seen the recent film from Marvel studios, Captain America The Winter Soldier then please come back and enjoy… (deep breath) Scott @Celluloidical Ian @i_nesbot and frequent spoiler contributors Amon Warmann @awarmann and Christopher Ejizu @MovieUmpire …… oh and me @CinemaTronix

This is the last film before the highly anticipated Avengers : Age of Ultron (Apart from Guardians of the Galaxy of course) and is highly spoilerific to talk about anything in the film and everyones knows the deal so please don’t listen to this unless you haven’t seen the film.

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