A Brave Episode : Inglorious Bastnerds

It’s podcast time and Scott  Ian  and myself  got together one evening last week to talk about films and other trivial things like more chocolate bar talk.

When we do talk about films and when e do its all good…. till we offend everyone but hay.

In this episode we talk about The Fault in Our Stars, more Marvel films, The Guest, Good Morning Vietnam, Joan Rivers, Terminator sequels, Blue Ruin, Lets be Cops, Before I Go To Sleep, Wishmaster, Cronos and much more.

Please listen and enjoy and we won’t apologise  but please take into account that Ian’s views are his own and not necessarily the views of The Bastnerds as a collective…. even tho he might be right.

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Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast : The Baz Edition

It’s podcast time.

In this episode we are joined by the lovely man that is Baz Cox or  as he’s known on twitter and he is the first to join us in our slightly new altered format. This is where Me  and the gang Raghav   Scott  and Ian  (who was absent on recording on this occasion) to talk all about films. We all bring a film we watched recently (old or new) to give things a structure to what is essentially a good old ramble about movies.

This episode we disscuss just what makes a good sequel and what diffrence the year gap between the two. I delve into The new Sin City film, Lucy, What If and Into the Storm. Rag shares his thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy, Baz talks about Two Days, One Night and Scott brings up The Fisher King and Boogie Nights.

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Listen and enjoy


Chris & Scott catch up : Inglorious Bastnerds Podcast

Hello it’s another podcast and it’s been another longish wait (Thank you for your patience by the way) As it’s been a few weeks Scott Alden  and myself  have a little catch up on what we’ve seen at our local multiplexes.

This episode we talk Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, we disagree completely on How to Train your Dragon 2, The Rock starring Hercules, The Purge Anarchy  and we talk a bit (but not too much as there is a spoiler podcast coming right up) about the film of the moment Guardians of the Galaxy.

As well as talking about more geeky stuff as Comic-Con had just happened and so the debate on how Batman Vs Superman will turn out continues, A little on Transformers 4, The Man with the Iron Fists, the new up and coming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Brett Ratner and I also express my love for Sylvester Stallone and Expendables 3.

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Thank you and enjoy


Lynn MacDonald : Top 5

Its been a good old while since someone has come on and talked about their Top 5 favorite films. Well fear not, here is Lynn MacDonald  @SilverscreenPR  , a freelance publicist from New Zealand with a passion for film.

Like all good lists, its a varied with classics new and old ranging from different genres like


Also including a film with a similar namesake to this podcast and a film as recent as this year.

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Commentary Track : Reservoir Dogs

So it’s been a good long while since we have done one of these but here we go again. Me @CinemaTronix and Scott @Celluloidical are off doing another commentary track for your audio pleasure.

Starting off our Tarantino marathon  with the obvious choice, Reservoir Dogs. Here you’ll find us again watching and not really talking (must learn to chat more) and sharing random thoughts on the foundations of America based on the tipping system.

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Next stop……… Pulp Fiction of course..


Commentary Track : Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back

It’s commentary time again and this time and Chris (@CinemaTronix) and Scott (@Celluloidical) take on what is mainly seen as the best film in the series. The Empire Strikes Back.

This is the film that feels the least messed with but we still find time to moan about the prequels and do stupid impressions. Plus Chris wonders if Empire had more action in it, it would indeed be the better film.

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Episode 28 Inglourious Bastnerds : Reviews

(Warning this podcast may contain spoilers)

Hello its another episode of the podcast and its all about the reviews baby. Just because I’ve been short on time and unable to write reviews my self I’ve I’d just blab about some of the newer releases and some older ones as well.  Films like Elysium, 2 Guns , Planes, some more Kick-Ass 2 and Pain and Gain. We also touch on The Lone Ranger with guest Amon Warmann and Christopher Ejizu as they rant over The Mortal Instruments and Sharknado. Its very chatty and a solid episode if I do say so myself. Enjoy

Christopher Ejizu ‏@MovieUmpire  http://movieumpire.wordpress.com/


Amon Warmann ‏@awarmann  http://amonymousblog.com/.