Ep 136 Doctor Strange ​: Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Do You Expect Us To Talk? returns to continue Marvels phase 3 as we delve into a new character Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch stars as an arrogant neurosurgeon, Stephen Strange who after suffering from a massive car crash leaves his hands permanently damaged. After hearing about one man who found a mystic cure in Kamar-Taj, high in the Himalayas, Stange ventures there. There he meets the Ancient One who teaches him sorcery astral plane and other dimensions. Meanwhile, a former student of the Ancient One, Kaecilius and his zealots seek to connect with Dormammu of the Dark Dimension who will engulf Earth.

Join Becca, Dave and Chris as we sequentially discuss, arsehole lead characters, how easy it is to find things in Kathmandu, the star power of Benjamin Bratt, Mads Mikkelsen being wasted, Rachel McAdams being wasted, bad American accents, fun facts, things happening in reverse and Michael Stuhlbarg being wasted.

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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths is the new film from Martin McDonagh. Following In Bruges, it stars Colin Farrell as Marty, an irish writer in Hollywood, trying to write his first screenplay called Seven Psychopaths, in witch he want to be about peace, love and forgiveness. An idea that makes as much sense as the film itself.While attempting to find inspiration, his friend Billy (Sam Rockwell), who runs a dog kidnapping business with Hans (Christopher Walken), tries to help him out by placing an advert for psychopaths to come and visit him for research. Things get messy when one of the dogs belong to psychotic gangster  (Woody Harrelson) who is hell bent on getting his little pride and joy. As the body count mounts up, the film self references itself in a way that doesn’t tie together at all well. The plot cherry picks scenes and scenarios and puts them all together in a self-aggrandising way that is frustrating but is still entertaining.

It is an odd experience watching McDonagh’s second freture length film, as it is attempts to be away too cleaver for its own good while being completely self indulgent with no sense of direction. However it is tons of fun in a cool and hip way that Tarantino writes. Thanks largely to the fast humorous dialogue and perfarmaces. Farrell plays down on this luck and out of his depth well, Rockwell turns on the crazy to entertaining levels, Harrelson finds the right balance between comedy and menace while Walken does the Walken we all know and love. It’s just a shame as Seven Psychopaths would be an instant film classic if it weren’t narratively a complete mess. Just like a room filled with….. well seven psychopaths..