EP 15 Born to be Bad with Ti Singh

Joining me this episode is the author of the new book Born to be Bad. A series of interviews of the actors most prominent playing villains during the 80″s  and 90’s, discovering they’re on set stories and how their roles impacted their career. The book is available on Amazon here. 

Ti also runs The Bristol Bad Film Club and is a producer of the up and coming In Search of the Last Action Heros. You can support the project on Indiegogo here

In this episode, we talk about Ti’s book, love of action cinema, can Tommy Wiseau actually act, having Greg Sestero round for Christmas, the mystery of  and the insanity of the making of the film Roar.

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EP 18 Octopussy : Do You Expect Us To Talk


The battle of the Bonds has begun. Before we take on the return of Sean Connery we carry on with Rodger Moore in Octopussy. Without a doubt this is Daves favourite of the franchise…. not really.

This week Rebecca, Dave and Chris give a critical analysis on Fabergé eggs, knife-throwing twins, tennis players in films and Roder Moore’s age ruining the film. Listen as Dave loses the will to follow this films while Rebecca and Chris struggle with remembering the plot.

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