Ep 88 Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back : Do You Expect Us To Talk?

Long long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, Do You Expect Us to Talk follows on from A New Hope to the most lauded of the series. As the Empire track down the Rebel base on Hoth, Han and Leia are on the chase to escape. Meanwhile Luke goes to visit a master Jedi Yoda to complete his training as Darth Vader is on the hunt.

Joined by guest Charlie Brigden, Becca, Chris and Dave talk about Waldorf salads, have an argument about CGI, more Lucas tampering with shit, incest, sexual qualities of an asteroid chase, Chris being a contrarian bastard and why is Boba Fett so popular.


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Do You Expect Us To Talk Will Return with Return of the Jedi

Allan Wood’s (My So Called Brain) Top 5 podcast

Its podcast time and this is a re-record with Allan Wood who I managed to drag back for a second time around as the audio from last time was just poor.

So as it is a Top 5 podcast, this is where Allan discusses his top 5 favourite films. At least two of them are related to George Lucas which is becoming a common thing in these podcasts. We also talk about a beloved favourite of mine as well as a 90’s classic and our first animated entry to Top 5.

We also take the time to go off on tangents, particularly at the end where we go into the new Liam  Neeson film Non-Stop as well as cinema etiquette, mobile phones, Glee and the sadly no nearly enough seen Frailty.

You can follow Allan on twitter @mysocalledbrain and visit his blog myso-calledbrain.blogspot.com You can follow me @CinemaTronix and send a email ibastnerds@gmail.com.