Action Junkies : Expendables 3 and Shit

Helloha…. and welcome to another Action Junkies podcast where the wonderful Jade Lindley   and myself  as get together each week or any week, to talk about our love for action films.

This episode we delve into our thoughts for The Expendables 3. This is another one with both having different opinions on the film and that is always entraining to listen to.

We also go way off topic which is something that you will see much more of in the new up and coming episodes and stay tuned for a Cobra Commentary Track  coming in the near future.

Appoliees for the slow audio.. Skype was up to no good on this one so we just went for it.

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Top 5 : Podcast with Jamie and Kat

Hello and welcome to a new series of podcasts where at the moment is called Top 5. In this series of episodes Myself is where I have a guest on to talk about their top 5 favorite films.

In this very first podcast I am joined not only by one but two guests. Both formally from the inaudible early days of the podcast. Both co-founded formally Generic Movie Blog it’s Kat Moir @kathrynmoir and Jamie Huggett @jamiehuggett

We go through plenty of action films as and are amazed that Kat hasn’t seen many. We talk about things like Oldboy, Terminator 2, The Raid, Meet Joe Black and Mrs Doubtfire.

Also do tweet your suggestions of action films for Kat to watch with the hashtag #MoirActionFilmsForMoir

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