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The Top 5 Podcast : Daniela Philips

  Top 5 is back after a month or so being away. Top 5 is a simple concept where @CinemaTronix grabs people off the internet and ask them and talk about their top 5 favorite films. This episode I am joined by the lovely Daniela Phillips (@DanielaPhillips) and her choices. We go through doomed romances, childhood nostalgia, muppets and…

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Lynn MacDonald : Top 5

Its been a good old while since someone has come on and talked about their Top 5 favorite films. Well fear not, here is Lynn MacDonald  @SilverscreenPR  , a freelance publicist from New Zealand with a passion for film. Like all good lists, its a varied with classics new and old ranging from different genres like…

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Top 5 with Raghav Modi

A new Top 5 podcast brought to you by @CinemaTronix This episode I’m joined by podcast regular and a lovely chap Raghav Modi. Top 5 is the new set of podcasts where i grab friends of mine from the internet and get them to share their Top 5 favorite films. Rag gives a great selection of films…

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