The Action Junkies Podcast : Cobra

Pāloncha We kick things off in appropriate fashion with Sylvester Stallone‘s answer to Commando. A power house 80’s action fest that’s not afraid to embrace all the tropes of the action movie. Loosely based on the novel  buy modafinil in kenya Fair Game by Paula Gosling, it’s directed by George P. Cosmatos  in 1986 it stars Sly as a  maverick cop Marion “Cobra” Cobretti who signs on the case of The Night Slasher (Brian Thompson) who’s out to tie up a loose end after being spotted in the act by a model (a very feminine Brigitte Nielsen).

Join @CelluloidAK and @CinemaTronix as we talk about the movie and take a cultured look and dissect this scene

Sit back , lsten and enjoy.

Next week we will get our synthesizer keyboards and putting bananas in tail pipes for all 3 Beverly Hills Cop films..