The Action Junkies : Showdown in Little Tokyo

Seferhisar The new episode of The Action Junkies podcast Jade (@CelluloidAK) Lindley and Chris (@CinemaTronix) Byrne are all about the glorious and fun 80’s/90’s mishmash that is Showdown in Little Tokyo. Starring our favorite swede Dolph Lundgren and Brandon (son of Bruce) Lee as to cops out to take down a Yakuza drug kingpin.

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With a ton of action scenes, some homoeroticism, a bad sex scene and very little plot, Showdown in Little Tokyo is a lean 80 minutes of fun so give it a watch and then listen in to this episode.

Next week we’ll be getting out John Woo on with Hard Boiled…. stay tuned..


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  1. I FRIGGIN’ LOVE THIS FILM! I swear I have seen it no less than 20 times! I actually watched it twice in one night while babysitting many moons ago!

    Lee and Lundgren vs the Yakuza = totally awesome!

    *Reminiscent sigh* Action movies in the nineties were sweet man.

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